On behalf of Pastor Cynthia Watson, who is the founder of Kingdom Solutions Ministries (KSM), we would like to welcome you to our church website.  If you want to experience the yoke breaking and burden removing and transformational power of God, Kingdom Solutions Ministries is the church for you.  

At KSM, the life changing Word of God is decreed, declared and demonstrated. We are a ministry of hope and deliverance.  We challenge everyone to live victoriously, grow spiritually and to know God intimately.  Please visit us for our special service on Sundays 2PM – 5PM at 1450 Mercantile Lane, Suite 227, Largo Maryland 20774


At KSM, we have testimonies of God’s bountiful blessings on those who give bountifully to the ministry.


Many have had Divine Healing in their bodies and in other areas of their lives as well.


Some of our benevolent activities include taking care of homeless families.